The Alliance Parliament building was located on the planet Londinium. The Parliament building and Alliance government complex that surrounds it were the most impressive sights on the planet. As big as a small city, the Parliament building contained the great debating chamber, called The House, while the surrounding building complex provided offices for all the ministers and civil servants.

The Parliament are the main leaders of the Alliance. Not much is known about them or their nature, but it is possible there is a titular monarch. They, as well as their contractors, the Hands of Blue, intended to keep the existence of the Reavers a secret, as well as the fact that the Alliance was inadvertently responsible for their creation. When this was revealed by Malcolm Reynolds, however, their regime was weakened. It is implied by the Operative that the Parliament will be seeking revenge on Mal for this following the film Serenity.

One of them was seen at the end of the comic Serenity: Those Left Behind. After the deaths of the Hands of Blue, he is shown assigning their task of finding Simon Tam and River Tam to the Operative.


  • The Parliament play a similar role to the Senior Partners in Joss Whedon's series Angel: Both are the leaders of the organization that act as main antagonists of the series, and aside from one cameo appearance by one of them, they never appear nor get an official defeat by the end of the series, and will want revenge on the main characters for weakening their regime. Unlike the Parliament, however, the one Senior Partner who does appear is killed by Angel.