Alliance Patrol and Enforcement Cutter
General Plans and Schematics



40,000 credits

Maintenance costs

1,248 credits per year

Maximum weight

390 tons

Cargo capacity

50 tons

Fuel capacity

8 tons (600 hours)

Crew capacity


Passenger capacity

2 in Brig

  • One 2 pound autocannon nosegun
    • 2000-round magazine
  • Twenty tons of missiles
    • mission specific warheads
Other equipment

156 tons of armor

Despite the Alliance Patrol and Enforcement Cutter's friendly sounding moniker of "Cutter", the APEC is in fact a gunship. It is made as a fast patrol vessel, with enough capacity to confiscate illegal cargo. It is fast, heavily armed and armored, and is almost always dispatched in groups of two or three. Any smart smuggler will have to stop and prepare to be boarded in the presence of these craft. Like the Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel, the APEC is capable of longer missions, but its small crew space makes it somewhat uncomfortable for extended missions. Instead, it is most often deployed from Crete-class Carrier.[1]

A number of APECs took part in the Universe battle against the Reaver fleet.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Six-Shooters and Spaceships
  2. Serenity


Alliance Fleet

An APEC at the Universe Battle

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