Bea is the leader of the New Resistance, a group that was formed after the events of Serenity, due to the controversy that arose after the revelation of the truth about the origins of the Reavers and the experiment on Miranda. She decides to find Malcolm Reynolds, who had gone into hiding, believing the resistance needed a leader, even if he doesn't know it yet. To that end, she tracked down Jayne Cobb through his cousin, and waited for him at his mother Radiant Cobb's home, offering him a briefcase full of cash to hire him to find Mal.

Upon meeting with Mal and attempting to recruit him to her cause, Mal bluntly refused and suspected that someone among Bea's crew ran their mouth and got themselves followed. Though Bea insisted they weren't followed, Jubal Early had killed her entire crew before destroying her ship with a bomb, leaving her stranded on Serenity.

As the crew retired, they were set upon by Jubal. Bea mistook him for a crewmember, before being bound alongside Simon Tam and Mal. Luckily, Jubal was overpowered by Kaylee.[source?]


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