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Bernard-class SAR Vessel
General Plans and Schematics



Search & Rescue


88,800 credits

Maintenance costs

3,600 credits per year

Maximum weight

1,800 tons

Cargo capacity

295 tons

Fuel capacity

45 tons (600 hours)

Crew capacity


Passenger capacity

None standard

Other equipment

180 tons of armor

The Bernard-class Salvage and Rescue vessel was a small (1800 ton) ship designed for emergency rescue operations in space and on planetary surfaces. The cargo bay could be quickly converted to hold passengers, but it most often operated as a tug, and was provided with Magnetic grapplers that could pull most medium-sized vessels, up to 7,200 tons. The Bernard was a very durable ship that was meant to operate in hazardous areas. The hull was strengthened to resist minor collisions, and the interior was designed for maximum containment during a hull breach.

Unfortunately, these qualities also made the ship prized for less-than-humanitarian goals. Several Bernards had responded to distress calls only to be captured by Reavers and refitted for their savage purposes.


  • The St. Bernard is a breed of dogs known for rescue work.



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