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A komodo

Allied Spacecraft Corporation built the Firefly Class transport ships. The hulls and engines were constructed at ASC's shipyard at New Burbank, Osiris, with final outfitting being outsourced to a dozen smaller companies, including the Firefly Ship Works on Hera.  

The primary military shipyards of Iskellian Technology Solutions were located in orbit above Ares, one of the moons of Boros in the Georgia system.

A drydock, the Fissatore was one of the largest operated by the Alliance. Located in orbit above the planet Ariel, manned by 2,200 personnel, the Fissatore could produce a range of spacecraft up to the size of a Glory class vessel. 

Ballestra Shipwrights, a builder of luxury yachts and race ships was pressed into service for the Independents during the War. They manufactured the Komodo auxiliary resupply and repair ships. They also built the Fenris class light bulk transport, a speedy heavy duty “express freighter”, used for urgent cargo that must get to a destination quickly.

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