Alliance Carrier
General Plans and Schematics





300,000,000 credits

Maintenance costs

20,000,000 credits

Maximum weight

10,000,000 tons

Cargo capacity

1,600,000 tons

Fuel capacity

1,000,000 tons (3,200 hours)

Crew capacity

1,200 (40 skeleton)

Passenger capacity


Carried vessels
Other equipment

2,000,000 tons of armor

The Crete-class Alliance carrier was designed as a replacement platform for the Tohoku Class cruiser. Its simplicity of design, greater speed, and longer tour duration make it a better answer for Alliance goals of law enforcement in the Rim. The greatest benefit over the Tohoku-class vessels is construction time and simplicity, allowing more to be made quickly.[1]


It is a mobile star port, with full repair facilities for vessels up to 4,000 tons to dry dock. It has sufficient capacity to hold all the mechanized equipment and support vessels for planetary actions, as well as a large number of ground forces. The transports stationed aboard the carrier can move these forces swiftly, while the enforcement vessels and interceptors have the power to defend ‘em.[1]

It carries over 1,200 small craft ranging in size from small Warhammer Interceptors and Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessels to the larger Arrowhead-class Couriers and Alliance Landing Ship for Tanks. It has the capability of giving full support not only to its own craft, but to other ships as well, and includes extensive repair and resupply facilities with a 4,000-ton dry dock for serious repair work. While protected by heavy armoring, equivalent to 20% of its total weight, the carrier does not have offensive weapons, only 200 point-defense weapons and no missile armament in its standard ordinance load. It is, as stated, a carrier, carrying the ships it needed to defend itself and, in certain circumstances, escorted by large warships, such as at the Universe battle.

In addition to strictly military use, a number of these vessels are owned by mega-corps like Corone Mining Consortium--they are sometimes called "galleons."[1]



One Crete took part in the Universe battle against the Reaver fleet and was seen taking heavy pounding, which possibly led to its destruction.


Notes and referencesEdit

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Crete-class carrier at the Universe Battle