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Cry Baby #6

Cry baby screenshot Serenity


""Crybaby, cry!" "Make your mother sigh!""
―Mal and Wash in Serenity


The Cry baby is an electronic device that essentially simulates the distress call of a large (usually Union of Allied Planets) ship, making a fine distraction when there is a need to make a Tohoku-class cruiser decide between chasing your ship or rescuing what they think is a big ship full of people. It is highly illegal for any of a dozen reasons.


Serenity's crew uses such a device inside a Blue Sun Corporation coffee can (Cry baby #6) to good effect in the Firefly's pilot episode "Serenity". In the motion picture Serenity, five or more cry babies (apparently lacking the Blue Sun Logo) are released after Mal rescued Inara from The Operatives trap at the Companion Training House.


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