One of the most expensive pieces of covert gear you're liable to see, a dreamcoat was designed in some high-budget Alliance lab and ultimately killed. Only a handful of prototypes were floating around nowadays, but they were so foolishly expensive they might as well have been made of solid diamond.

Dreamcoat project was an offshoot of the same development cycle that created the chameleon suit technology. The goal was near-invisibility,and they came darn close. A dreamcoat was hooded body stocking, complete with gloves and boots of a fabric with ten of thousands of imaging cells and receivers, like a screen and camera combined. The suit's central computer, a flat panel worn on one sleeve, continually received images from each receiver, calculated its position and displayed the image onto the exact opposite side of the suit.

The result was that someone wearing a dreamcoat was effectively a mobile chameleon, near enough to transparent. Mr. Universe claimed to have seen an illegal cortex feed of a researcher reading a book displayed on a dreamcoat-clothed back while the book was held open before the dreamcoat wearer's chest. The technology was never perfected.


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