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Durran Haymer
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Durran Haymer was a wealthy land-owner and collector of rare Earth-That-Was artifacts living on a floating estate on the planet Bellerophon. At some point, he was married to Yolanda. Despite owning warehouses stuffed with valuable items, his prized possession was the Lassiter, a valuable antique laser pistol that was the forerunner of modern laser technology.

According to Saffron/Yolanda, during the Unification War he was an Alliance commander notorious for his use of biological warfare, which he used in order to kill the population without damaging any valuable artifacts the settlement may contain. This was used as a justification for Malcolm Reynolds and his crew to carry out her plan to steal it. However, after meeting Haymer, Mal surmised that Saffron wanted to remain in Haymer's good graces, which she couldn't have done if she'd attempted to steal the Lassiter by herself.

Mal believed that Haymer was Saffron/Yolanda's first love, given her apparent breakdown after Durran discovered the truth. Mal also displayed disbelief at Saffron's version of Durran Haymer's past after forming his own impressions of Haymer. Mal suggested that there are still feelings between 'Yolanda' and Durran, given that the former had not attempted to steal the Lassiter despite her knowledge for a considerable length of time, and that Durran still loved her despite everything, believing that she needed help and rehabilitation.

Behind the scenesEdit

Durran was portrayed by Dwier Brown.

Notes and referencesEdit

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