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Earth that was
Planet information

Earth-That-Was was the original home of all humans. A series of events led to the mass exodus of Earth's population, A great fleet left Earth founding a new civilization in a new star system. Many of the facts about "Earth-That-Was" have been lost to the pages of history.

Durran Haymer had a collection of ancient artifacts from "Earth-That-Was".

Simon Tam appeared to be knowledgeable about "Earth-That-Was", comparing Mudders and Mudder's Milk to the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Myths abound about Earth-That-WasEdit

Creation mythEdit

As told by Saffron to Wash:

"When she was born she had no sky. She was open, inviting, and the stars would rush into her, through the skin of her, making the oceans boil with sensation. When she could endure no more ecstasy, she puffed up her cheeks and blew out the sky."


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