Fess Higgins
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Fess Higgins With Inara

Fess Higgins is the son of the magistrate of Higgins' Moon.

Biography Edit

Fess's father, Magistrate Higgins (or Boss Higgins), contracted with Inara Serra for her to usher Fess into manhood, as Fess was a virgin for a longer period than his father was comfortable with. Inara talked Fess through some of his insecurities with his father and encouraged him to him look upon himself as his own man. As a result, Fess was able to stand up to his father when Boss Higgins tried to stop Serenity from leaving Higgins' Moon with Jayne Cobb on board (Fess even expressed some degree of admiration for Jayne's previous 'defiance' of his father). Fess sent the signal which removed the land-lock on the starship, allowing Jayne and his crewmates to escape, and proceeded to take full responsibility for his actions, telling his father exactly what he'd done.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fess Higgins appeared in the Firefly episode "Jaynestown" and is portrayed by Zachary Kranzler.


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