Firefly (music book)
Author Greg Edmonson
Published by Hal Leonard Corporation
Publication date February 1, 2007
ISBN 142342056X

Firefly: Music from the Original Television Soundtrack is a 40 page book containing piano versions of 12 tracks from the Firefly soundtrack.


  1. The Funeral
  2. Cows/New Dress/My Crew
  3. Dying Ship/Naked Mal
  4. Inara's Suite
  5. Leaving/Caper/Spaceball
  6. Out Of Gas/Empty Derelict
  7. River Tricks Early
  8. River's Dance
  9. River's Perception/Saffron
  10. Tears/River's Eyes
  11. Inside The Tam House
  12. Firefly Main Title

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