Heinlein was a protostar around which Triumph orbited.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Heinlein may have been named in honor of science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein.
  • In his book "Citizen of the Galaxy", Heinlein writes about the great gathering of trader spaceships.
  • "The great gathering was even more than Thorby had imagined. Mile after mile of ships, more than eight hundred bulky Free Traders arranged in concentric ranks around a circus four miles across . . . Sisu in the innermost circle -- which seemed to please Thorby's Mother -- then more ships than Thorby knew existed: Kraken, Deimos, James B. Quinn, Firefly, Bon Marche, Dom Pedro, Cee Squared, Omega, El Nido -- Thorby resolved to see how Mata was doing -- Saint Christopher, Vega, Vega Prime, Galactic Banker, Romany Lass . . . Thorby made note to get a berthing chart . . . Saturn, Chiang, Country Store, Joseph Smith, Aloha . . .There were too many." - RAH


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