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Planet information

Hera was a largely agricultural world. Located midway between the Core and the outer planets on a major shipping lane, it was considered the food source for most of its system. Food was grown, processed and packaged on Hera, before being shipped offworld to supply the other planets.

Planetery StatisticsEdit

  • S/2041(Murphy)03
  • Primary: Murphy
  • Position: 1st from Primary
  • Orbit: 4,503,525 km
  • Orbital Period: 99 Days
  • Diameter: 10,881 km
  • Mass: 4.407x10^19 Tonnes
  • Surface Gravity: 1.0113
  • Date Terraformed: 2407
  • Population: 377,000,000


  • Hera was a Greek goddess, the wife of Zeus and one of the Twelve Olympians. Her Roman counterpart was Juno.



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