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Magistrate Higgins was the final word of law on Higgins' Moon, a small moon that had a primary export of high-quality mud, used for clay and in ceramic substances with numerous applications. He treated his workers, known as "mudders", harshly, almost as slaves, and handed out strict punishment to any who crossed him, as evidenced by the confinement cage in which he imprisoned Stitch Hessian after he and Jayne Cobb robbed him. When Cobb returned to Canton, Higgins freed Stitch and ordered him to kill Cobb to break the mudders' belief that Cobb was a hero.

The concern over his son Fess's virginity caused him to hire Inara Serra to turn Fess into a 'man', but the attempt was more successful than he'd expected; when Higgins initiated a landlock that would prevent Cobb's ship from departing, Fess openly defied his father and allowed Serenity to lift off in order to help Inara.

Behind the scenesEdit

Magistrate Higgins was portrayed by Gregory Itzin, who would go on to play the equally untrustworthy President Charles Logan in 24.