Biographical information



Salvager, Pirate[1]

Ship(s) captained or crewed

SS Walden[1]


Independent salvagers[1]

Jesse was a crewman of the SS Walden. She was present with the crew during their successful salvage mission on Ita moon.

She and "Sash", her captain—along with Lacey #1, Billy, and another armed crewman—ambushed Malcolm Reynolds aboard Serenity after they responded to his distress beacon. She was sent with two of the others to check the vessel in case persons were hidden. After "Sash" shot Reynolds with his Hand Cannon, he ordered Jesse to bring over Stern to pilot the vessel. They were stopped, however, when Reynolds threatened them with a pistol, and the five Walden crew departed the vessel.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jesse appeared in "Out of Gas" and was portrayed by an uncredited performer.


Notes and referencesEdit

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