Y’all remember the Kepler? That slick-lookin’ transport designed exclusively for Firefly Online by Tim Earls? You know, the guy who designed most of the ships in the TV series, including Serenity herself?

Description Edit

The Kepler is a Light Bulk Transport. It is equipped with a pair of VTOL engines which rotate to provide forward thrust, and a pair of auxiliary engines at the rear.

Availability Edit

(add details here about how to acquire it as part of regular gameplay once the game gets going)

The Kepler was initially a bonus available only to players who bought an early-access premium package called "Founders of The Verse". That package has been discontinued, but the ship will become the starter vessel for all players who register for an account before the end of August 2014. It was created by Tim Earls, designer of the Firefly-class transport ship and most of the ships in Firefly, as well as lead set designer on the Serenity film.[1]


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