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Lacey #1
Biographical information



Salvager, Pirate[1]

Ship(s) captained or crewed

SS Walden[1]


Independent salvagers[1]

This crewman of the SS Walden was the right-hand man of the Walden's captain. He was present with the crew during their successful salvage mission on Ita moon.

He and the captain—along with Billy, Jesse, and another armed crewman—ambushed Malcolm Reynolds aboard Serenity after they responded to his distress beacon. The crewman verified Reynolds' story about his engine trouble: only the catalyzer on the compression coil needed repair. He reported this to the captain, who then grievously wounded Reynolds and prepared to steal the vessel. They were all chased off, however, when Reynolds managed to secure a pistol.

Behind the scenesEdit

The crewman appeared in "Out of Gas" and was portrayed by Roderick L. McCarthy. In the end credits of the episode, his character was labeled as "Lacey #1" which seems to be a misspelling of "lackey" - however this could be the characters intended name.


Notes and referencesEdit

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