Longbow-class Patrol Cruiser
General Plans and Schematics



Patrol Cruiser / Freighter


48,160,000 credits (Military)
19,200,000 credits (Civilian)

Maintenance costs

3,072,000 credits (Military)
1,280,000 credits (Civilian)

Maximum weight

640,000 tons

Cargo capacity

24,000 tons (Military)
400,000 tons (Civilian)

Fuel capacity

24,000 tons (800 hours)

Crew capacity

24,000 / 400 skeleton (Military)
200 (Civilian)

Passenger capacity

200 Officers, 3,000 Enlisted (Military)
3,200 (Civilian)



  • Two 200 pound cannons
    • 200-round magazine each
  • Twelve 1 pound autocannons
    • 1,000-round magazine each
  • 208 long-range 100 pound missiles
  • 160 medium-range 200 pound missiles
  • 1,280 short-range jammer/decoy missiles


  • None
Carried vessels



  • 36 standard 20-ton shuttles
Other equipment

128,000 tons of armor (Military)

The Longbow-class patrol cruiser was a class of ship that was used in the Union of Allied Planets Navy. The Union of Allied Planets often deployed Longbow cruisers when it had to maintain a military presence but did not want to dedicate a massive Tohoku Class cruiser. Modified ships of this class were known to be used as Pirate Ships.


Displacing 640,000 tons, the Longbow was more than enough to overwhelm the average pirate squadron or planetary militia. The Longbow was still deceptively well armed, however, and carried a pair of heavy cannons, a dozen point-defense guns, 360 missiles and over a thousand jammer/decoys jammed into its narrow hull. This was supported by more than fifty small craft and room for over 3000 troops, making the it a very flexible vessel well suited for space superiority, interdiction, piracy suppression, and ground assault missions. Even with this impressive firepower, Longbows were rarely deployed alone and were usually grouped with smaller support vessels.

This ship also appealed to the civilian market, typically as a high-capacity freighter due to its robust design and long range. Stripped of weapons and magazine space, it could carry an impressive amount of cargo. Since the ship could not land, some of the hangar's spaces were retained for cargo shuttles and Wren Class light transport. The civilian ship could be distinguished from the military cruiser by the: bow-mounted fins; the curved, drooping bow extension; and the lack of the large dorsal weapon mount.

Several Longbows took part in the Universe battle on both sides. The Alliance fleet deployed a significant number of them, while the Reaver fleet possessed several civilian versions, presumably captured vessels modified into combat platforms.

The design of the Longbow has a striking similarity (and is likely based on) one of the more numerous classes of colony ship that made up the original Earth fleet.


  • A longbow is a bow that was made famous by the use of the English longbow. Like the cruiser, they were used en masse for maximum effectiveness.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Longbow-class Patrol Cruiser first appeared in the Serenity film and was later given an entry in the Serenity Role Playing Game supplement, Six-Shooters & Spaceships. Lynn Blackson, the author of Six Shooters & Spaceships released an image of the ship on the fan-based RPG site in 2007. However, the model used for the image was created by Blackson based on stills from the film Serenity, meaning that although the image gives a good impression of the ship, it is not fully accurate.

A "de-militarized" model of the Longbow seems to have been used for one of the more numerous classes of colony ship in the scenes depicting the original Fleet leaving Earth. The same (although "reaverized") model is seen as a part of the Reaver fleet during the Universe battle. An Image is included in the Gallery.





The image of the Longbow cruiser released on

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