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"Captain Reynolds, it took me years to cut this piece of territory out of other men's hands. To build this business up from nothing. [...] It's who I am and it's my home. I'm not going any where. Rance Burgess is just a man and I won't let any man take what's mine, I doubt you'd do different in my position."
"Well, lady, I must are my kind of stupid."
―Mal agrees to help Nandi after she gives a passionate speech about how much the brothel means to her[src]

Nandi was a former Companion who knew Inara Serra on Sihnon before they both left the planet. Nandi gave up her life as a Companion—having concluded that it was too restrictive—to become a brothel madam, overseeing common whores on one of the outer planets. When Petaline, one of her girls, became pregnant with a local landowner's son, she called Inara to see if the crew of Serenity could help against the baby's father, Rance Burgess. Nandi and Malcolm Reynolds had a brief relationship, which upset Inara deeply, before Nandi was killed during a gunfight with Burgess and his men.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nandi was portrayed by Melinda Clarke.