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Petaline was one of the girls at Nandi's brothel. She was the mother of Rance Burgess' child, who attempted to take the child for himself as his own wife was apparently barren, showing up at the brothel to forcibly take a DNA sample (Nandi admitted that there was actually only around a fifty-fifty chance of Burgess being the father before the DNA test confirmed it; Petaline did have other clients, but Burgess tended to favour her exclusively). Knowing that Burgess would be an unfit father, Nandi contacted her old friend Inara Serra, who brought the crew of Serenity to assist. Although Petaline's baby - a boy, whom she later named Jonah - was briefly stolen by Burgess after his birth - during which Petaline was aided by Inara Serra, Simon Tam and River Tam - Inara recovered the boy. Malcolm Reynolds captured Burgess, whom Petaline subsequently shot in the head. When last seen, it seemed that Petaline would take over running the brothel after Nandi's death in the fight.

Behind the scenesEdit

Petaline was portrayed by Tracy Ryan.


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