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Protostar Herbig-Haro 46 47

an example of a protostar provided by NASA

A protostar is a gas giant planet which turns into a small star. The gas giant in question does have sufficient mass to sustain a fusion reaction and thereby act as a star, however it does not have enough mass to start the reaction by itself. The process of turning a gas giant into a protostar is called "helioforming" (as in terraforming).

By helioforming the largest gas giants in the 34 Tauri (2020) star cluster, it was possible to sustain Earth-like life on many more moons than the primary stars themselves could support.

Protostars of The VerseEdit

Blue Sun systemEdit

Georgia systemEdit

  • Murphy (Protostar)

Kalidasa systemEdit

  • Penglai

Red Sun systemEdit

White Sun systemEdit

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