An early artist rendering of Ra Amiran and Namira by Vargr.

Ra Amiran is a dwarf planet of the White Sun system. Ra Amiran has one moon, Namira. As the small planet is too distant from White Sun however is large enough for terraforming, it maintains only science and mining settlements, with an average population of 1,300. 


  • Ra is the Egyptian sun god.
  • Amiran is the name of several locations in Iran.
  • Ra Amiran's name could be from the epic Ikhlass poem penned by the seventeenth century Timarsiot, Khalil Nasir Mahdi. In the Ikhlass, Ra is a title of Peace given to princes of his line.
  • The world was created by William T. Pace, graphic designer and writer on The Verse in Numbers and the ARC of the Verse.


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