Built by the Firefly Ship Works to replace the discontinued Series 1 Firefly, the Sandfly was designed to be a small, inexpensive transport that even a captain with limited funds could afford. Later models came standard with Molina engines and Capissen Radion Accelerator Cores, and are popular for light transport jobs (mail, medical supplies, radioactive materials) to the most remote outposts, where landing facilities are primitive, if they exist at all. The Sandfly Class was made famous by the fan film “Bellflower”, created by a worldwide team of dedicated Browncoats. You can watch the first couple parts of the Bellflower fan film — and see the Sandfly in action — here:


  • The Sandfly is found in sandy areas.
  • The Sandfly was created by a group of Browncoats in a fan film "Bellflower".

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