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Salvager, Pirate[1]



Ship(s) captained or crewed

SS Walden[1]


Independent salvagers[1]

Sash[2] the captain of the SS Walden responded to an emergency distress beacon sent out by Serenity. After establishing an apparently honest connection, he abruptly ambushed Malcolm Reynolds and grievously wounded him in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to steal the vessel.


The Walden captain and his crew completed a successful salvage mission at Ita moon. As they traveled through an vast stretch of empty space, they intercepted the emergency beacon of Serenity, which had just suffered a devastating engine accident. The captain sent a wave to Serenity, but Malcolm Reynolds was sleeping from exhaustion at the helm. The captain had Walden maneuver directly around the smaller Serenity, and was soon speaking with Mal.

After Mal explained his troubles to him, the Walden captain expressed his regrets. He explained that he wasn't able to let Mal board his vessel, since he couldn't afford to trust strangers in this part of space. Mal repeated that he simply wanted help having his ship repaired: the catalyzer component of the compression coil needed replacement. The captain replied that he might have picked one up at the salvage mission on Ita. He determined that Serenity was no threat because the shuttles were missing and a scan proved that it had no life support. He agreed to show the part through the portal and come aboard, so long as Mal had no weapons.

As the captain and his men came aboard Serenity, Mal was greeted with a blast of warm air. But the man he spoke earlier was now very different: the Walden captain and crew were armed and dangerous. The captain told his men to shoot anyone they found while he held Mal at gunpoint. The captain's right-hand man confirmed that Mal's story was true—only the catalyzer needed repair. The captain immediately ignored Mal's decent request to accept fair payment from among the cargo items, and shot Reynolds in the abdomen. His plan was to steal Serenity. He calmly turned around, giving orders to Billy, and then to Jesse to bring over Stern to pilot Serenity out. But Mal retrieved a pistol that had been on the Mule and threatened them all. Despite his superior numbers and weapons, the Walden captain submitted and backed down with his people. They left the engine part behind. As the Walden captain left, he said that Mal "would have done the same." He had no idea how wrong he was in his assessment of Reynolds. The Walden then departed on its way.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Walden captain carried himself with the demeanor of an honest businessman, but, when the opportunity presented itself, did not hesitate to take innocent life for profit. However the man did value his crew very seriously. He did not board Serenity until he was fairly sure that only a single man was there on account of his crew's safety. And even when that one man threatened his people, the captain admitted defeat as he was unwilling to permit casualties on his side at all.

Behind the scenesEdit

The captain appeared in "Out of Gas" and was portrayed by Steven Flynn.


Notes and referencesEdit

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