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Planet information
Sun orbited

White Sun[1]

Date terraformed





5.987x1021 tonnes[1]


0.9802 G[1]

Orbital position


Orbital distance

1,402,480,031km (9.375 AU)[1]

Orbital periods

28.70 years/10,484 days[1]


Central planets[2]

Cities and towns





Union of Allied Planets

"Sihnon isn't that different from this planet. More crowded, obviously, and I guess more complicated. The great city itself is; pictures can't capture it. It's like an ocean of light."
Inara Serra
Sihnon poster

Sihnon, along with Londinium, was among the most prominent of the Central Planets. Those who had visited this planet often described it as one of the most beautiful locations in the system, reaching a level of sophistication seldom seen throughout the 'Verse.


Sihnon was the seat of Eastern civilization in the Union of Allied Planets. It was here that many Registered Companions underwent their training in the spiritual and physical arts they were known for.[3] Sihnon was also home to Ching Shian University, a prestigious school that had alumni ranging from prime ministers to billionaire philanthropists. There was no better place to study Eastern philosophy, history, law, or culture.

One of the continents, in the northern hemisphere of Sihnon was set aside for the preservation of minority cultures from Earth-that-was. This region, called the Culture Preservation Enclaves or (CPE), is divided into several dozen semi-autonomous enclaves where attempts have been made to represent the major minority cultures of old Earth. The enclaves impose compulsory official language use, state religions, and various cultural edifices in an attempt to keep what was old. Some of these have developed and thrived into self-governing independent nation-like entities. Others have devolved into ethnic ghettos or disneyesque parodies of their original ethnicities. This region is a relatively popular tourist attraction for Core citizens. The only city to maintain a full fledged starport is Geldstrom in the Israeli Enclave. It services shuttles to the other regions.

Sihnon's preservationalist attitude has caused the government to restrict large vessel traffic to equatorial zones.


  • Sinon helped design the Trojan Horse.
  • In the episode "Serenity," Inara pronounced Sihnon as SEE-non (with the "I" pronounced as a strong "E" and the emphasis on the first syllable), but in the episode "Heart of Gold," Nandi pronounced Sihnon as sih-NON (with the "I" pronounced as a soft "I" and the emphasis on the second syllable).
  • In the CoDominium series Sparta is the colony world for the United States and Europe. St. Ekaterina is the colony world for Russia and Asia.



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