We know there are planets in The Verse with lots of people, tech and resources. And there are planets with decidedly less of all three. For those smaller colonies out on the Rim of civilized space, there is a taste of Core World commerce to be had from those massive traveling trading posts know as Space Emporiums. They travel from planet to planet, setting themselves in low orbit so even atmo-only shuttles can make it to their dock. The Space Emporium is a place of wonder, where passengers can purchase (at considerable markup) the fineries of Sihnon, Londinium, Ariel and other worlds of class and distinction. They have also been known to be a good place to trade goods of a less savory nature. Which makes these mobile malls a Captain’s best friend, should they be lucky enough to stumble across one as it travels through The Verse.


  • An Emporium is a marketplace and/or trading center.

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