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So far the playable ships we’ve shared have been Light-Bulk Transports. Limited in cargo and crew accommodations, these ships are cheap to maintain and can be operated with little to no crew, making them ideal starter craft.


But what happens when you’ve filled your mattress with platinum and managed to fence that Lassiter? For players wanting to take on those big jobs, the ones requiring a big hold and/or a large crew, it’ll be time to step up in the Verse and get yourself a bigger ride. Captains looking for some serious capacity in a rugged ship would be hard-pressed to do better than Starcore Transit’s Titan Class Heavy-Bulk Transport. Featuring up to nine crew cabins and three passenger staterooms, a cargo hold big enough to transport over a hundred head of cattle and six max-yield engines (four that can be used for maneuvering), the Titan will likely be the most impressive transport in just about any civilian port. It is among the pinnacle of player ships and only the most stalwart captains will likely be able to acquire one – at least via legal means. You might also have noticed that the Titan has some designations you probably haven’t seen before. These designations will be used in Firefly Online to help you quickly determine the characteristics of a ship you’ve just encountered. We’ll be doing a separate article on ship designations and how they effect gameplay in a future post.

But meanwhile, here’s a quick start guide to what those terms you’ll mean:

  • Type: What is the function of the vessel? Player ships will most likely be transports.
  • Capacity: How much can it carry? There will be three capacities in player ships – light, mid and heavy. How that space is allocated, though, will vary from class to class.
  • Fuselage: How many engines and hard points there are. The Titan is a Barque because it has three sets of paired thrust-producing engines. A Brig would have two sets and a single set of paired engines – like what Serenity has – would be a Cutter. Single engine ships are corvettes if they can carry cargo, or yachts if they have little or no cargo capacity.
  • Class: The specific design of a ship. Serenity is a Series 3 Firefly, with Firefly being it’s class. Ships in the same class will have many of the same design elements, and will often use the same principal components (engines, reactors, etc.) It’s much more likely that parts will be interchangeable between ships of the same class.


  • The Titans were part of Greek myth.

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