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The Trans-U

Trans-U was a type of spacecraft which was long obsolete by the time of Serenity's departure from Persephone.


It was full burn capable and could reach a speed equal to or even faster than that of a Firefly-class transport ship.

The crew of Serenity, as they fled from the Alliance which had been summoned by the mole Lawrence Dobson, encountered a Trans-U spacecraft which was operating without core containment and operated by Reavers. Because Malcolm Reynolds did not alter course to flee, Serenity passed directly beneath the Trans-U and the Reavers were not tempted to immediately seize them. However they eventually turned around and tracked the crew to Whitefall. As the Trans-U Reaver crew prepared to launch a Magnetic Grappler to board Serenity, Wash initiated a "crazy Ivan" maneuver and escaped from the vessel, which probably crashed.

A Trans-U Reaver vessel with the exact appearance of the vessel on Whitefall later appeared among the Reaver fleet during the Universe Battle.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The name of this spacecraft is likely a reference to the Trans-Utopian from Starhunter, another sci-fi television show.


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