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Unidentified Higgins prod
Biographical information

Higgins' Moon




Mudder prod,
foreman's subordinate[1]




Magistrate Higgins[1]

A prod working for Magistrate Higgins and his foreman in the Canton factory settlement on Higgins' Moon, who helped control a large body of workers, known as mudders. He was one of several feared "prods" and treated the destitute mudders cruelly.

The week before Serenity landed at Canton, the foreman heard that a man named Kessler was moving contraband through the town. The foreman and his prod crew severed Kessler's hands and feet with a machete and rolled him into the bog.

This prod was eager to disrupt the mudders' celebration and go after Jayne Cobb, their local folk hero. The foreman, however, sternly commanded the prod to stand down, on account of the magistrate's order to let Stitch Hessian confront Jayne. After Jayne killed Stitch, Serenity escaped the moon due to the intervention of the magistrate's son Fess Higgins, and any chance the foreman and his prods had to go after Jayne was lost.

Behind the scenesEdit

The prod appeared in "Jaynestown" and was portrayed by Simon Brooke.


Notes and referencesEdit

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