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Unidentified hill-folk patron
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Town patron[1]


Hill folk town[1]

This patron of a hill-folk town on Jiangyin took power after secretly murdering the prior patron. He was complicit in kidnappings conducted by his people to benefit his town.

One of the patron's men, Stark, kidnapped Simon Tam because the town was in serious need of a doctor. When the town's teacher Doralee became convinced that River Tam was a witch, she summoned everyone at night. The patron pulled Doralee from the town bell, demanding to know the problem. Doralee explained, and the patron began to question River himself. River, reading his mind, began to explain how he came to power by slaying the prior patron, but the man lashed out and struck her on the face before she could explain in more detail. He ordered River to be burned at the stake.

As the townspeople prepared a fire, Simon attempted to talk the patron out of it. He merely paraphrased the Bible and watched. Unwilling to let his sister die alone, Simon fought some men and eventually embraced River, ready to burn with her. Before the fires were completely lit, the siblings were rescued by the crew of Serenity. Jayne Cobb was suspended over the hill folk from the spaceship, and aimed his laser sight on the patron the whole time.


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