Alliance warship
Victoria-class Corvette
General Plans and Schematics



12,120,000 credits

Maximum weight

80,000 tonnes

Fuel capacity

1,600 tonnes (600 hours)

Crew capacity


Passenger capacity

20 Officers, 300 Enlisted

Other equipment
  • 16,000 tonnes of armor
  • 50 Escape pods

The Victoria-class corvette was a class of warship employed by the Union of Allied Planets in the Union of Allied Planets Navy.


It was referred to as a special operations forces corvette, due to its ability to allow surreptitious insertion of Special Operations Forces and their equipment. With its ability to travel undetected and the relatively high amount of firepower, these ships were often commanded by high ranking personnel, such as Operatives of the Alliance Parliament.

At the Universe battle the Operative's corvette was destroyed by a ramming attack from a Reaver ship.


  • The Victoria is the flagship of the Alliance fleet, permanently stationed in orbit around Londinium.


Behind the scenesEdit

While never referred to as such on screen, the Operative's flagship in the events of the film is a Victoria-class Corvette.



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