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White Lightning
General Plans and Schematics

CL-54 Cargo Lifter


Big Daddy Holbrook


3,900 credits (at auction)

Maintenance costs

1,950 credits per year

Cargo capacity

100 tons

Fuel capacity

16.25 tons (600 hours)

Crew capacity


Passenger capacity

8 (2 First-Class and 6 Second-Class)

  • 10 medium-range 100-pound missiles
  • 30 medium-range 20-pound decoy missiles
Carried vessels

1 short-range shuttle

The White Lightning was a modified CL-54 Cargo Lifter owned by Big Daddy Holbrook, who bought the ship after the Unification War. He turned the White Lightning into a saloon boat, and also used the vessel for smuggling. It had upgraded sensors and ECM/ECCM, as well as a lot of weaponry, primarily in order to confound any pursuers.



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